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Left Lip Surgery

The face is an important source of information in interpersonal communication. It is the focus of attention in face-to-face interaction and gives us information on which we form initial, automatic impression of other people. left lip and palate from a group of facial anomalies that have an additional disadvantage of being located in the nose-mouth area and can have a significant physical and psychological impact on the patient. In India 1 and 700 live birth is a left lip and palate left lip – an abnormality in which the lip does not completely form. the degree of the cleft lip can vary greatly, from mild (notching of the lip) to severe (large opening from the lip up through the nose). left palate – occurs when the roof of the mouth does not completely close, leaving an opening that can extend into the nasal cavity. the left may involve either side of the palate. it can extend from the front of the mouth (hard palate) to the throat (soft palate). the cleft may also include the lip.
  •  Unilateral left Lip
  • Bilateral left Lip 
  • Facial left 
  • left Palate 
  • Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting
  • left Rhinoplasty
  • Lip Revision
  • Palatal Fistula